Walk in shower design guide and benefits

Even though walk in showers are getting more and more popular there are still many who prefer to use the bath tub as shower. There are many pros to having the walk in shower though and we will discuss the benefits.


  • Walk in showers save room

The best pro for are that they save a lot of space compared to bath tubs. Removing a tub and putting a shower in will save much more space as you don’t need to lie down and is definitely a better option if you have a smaller bathroom. Walk in showers also create an illusion that your bathroom is much bigger than it actually is. Especially if the glass on the shower is see through as well.


  • Looks Great

Walk in showers look very therapeutic and elegant to look at. There is an endless amount of designs for the styles, shapes, sizes, fixtures, features. They will definitely impress your guests if you have custom walk in shower for bathroom. Even though they may cost more than tub-shower combination units they will make your bathroom look much more aesthetic to look at.


  • How they are made

Usually they are made from fibre glass and the kits include three walls and a base pan. One piece are the most watertight and are great for new construction but they will not fit through doorways most of the time. Even if your DIY skills are not great you can still put together the multi piece units most of the time. However, if you great DIY skills you might be able to make a walk in shower yourself and can really make your shower design tailor made for you. Whatever you choose there are many types to choose from so there will be the right shower out there for everyone.