5 Cities With the Highest Income Levels

How much should one really earn, in order to consider themselves as earning enough? Statisticians look at more than what an individual is earning when determining the average income level. To get a clearer picture, one must pick several respondents and find an average of what it is that they earn.

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Now surprisingly, some of the top cities with the highest income levels are in America, Europe, and other developed countries.  These are often developed nations, with big GDPs and where the economy is generally doing well. Some of the top 5 cities with the highest income levels include;

Washington; Washington DC leads the pack, with research showing that over 70% of households in the city earn up to $ 100,000. This is an incredible average even by American standards where the average annual pay stands at around $ 52,000.

California; California is also a wealthy, affluent state in the US that is synonymous with some of the top IT and technological companies, not to mention the thriving entertainment industry. Here, 73% of residents make an average of % 100,000 annually. California is also home to around 5,000 employees who work for NASA.

London; The Queen’s city has some of the highest income levels in the world. The average salary in London is £48,023. Considering that the value of the British Pound is higher than the American Dollar, this makes London one of the wealthiest and best cities to work in globally.

Sydney; Australia is a wealthy nation by all standards, and this is more evident in Sydney than anywhere else. The property market is booming, and the average income for most households stands at $ 57,600. This is much higher than the $ 46,500 which is the average income in New South Wales and other parts of the country.

Brussels; Brussels is home to the EU and NATO headquarters. The average income for Brussels stands at around €3,258

Here is a video of the wealthiest countries by average monthly salary.