ITCC Locksmiths In London (2017 Edition)


ITCC Locksmiths are the best in London we wanted to highlight it today. As a blog that brings forward the best content and reviews about businesses around the world, we wanted to say that after a lot of research we are delighted about the Locksmith services ITCC Locksmiths provides in London.

See tThe dangers of not double locking explained by ITCC Locksmiths in London.

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Why Quick Wasters Is The Most Reliable Rubbish Clearance Company In London

Many companies have advertised their waste removal services making it hard for a customer to differentiate reliable ones and those who are not professionals. Here are reasons why Quick Wasters are your ideal choice for any waste clearance service;

 Green-Waste-Collection-LondonWe always deliver any service listed; from household, office, garden, bulky waste and many other services, we focus on giving clients high quality and fast services. For any large rubbish clearance, we have the manpower, vehicles as well as any needed equipment to take care of the problem. We decide on when to do the job according to a customer’s availability and schedule.

Available customer care; when you contact us in whatever platform, you get helpful customer care. We reply emails and provide the needed quote prices as soon as the customer asks for it. We are insured and are licensed to provide the listed services.

Environment sustainability; we always focus on making sure the waste we collect doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment. We are registered with the Environment Agency.  Cleanliness is not just about removing all the waste from your space; all our workers who come to your home are clean and wear the right protective outfits.

Adequate information; our website is frequently updated with useful resources. By browsing on our web pages, you will get a better understanding of why we are the best clearance company in London, and you can even read the testimonials given by other customers.

Quick-WastersExperienced staff; we have a diverse pool of employees, and each is a professional in the industry. As a result, we have the needed skills to handle the waste or rubbish according to the set standards. In the process, our staff protects themselves, the client and environment from any exposure to hazardous waste. We will arrive hours before the set time to ensure the customer does not waste time waiting to add any final details.

Price; the prices quoted by us are what you get, and there are no hidden charges. Additionally, you will also get a receipt to confirm the services offered.

Contact; you can check our services or what others have to say about Quick Wasters by clicking on the various social media platform listed on our websites. Apart from using email and phone number, we also have Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook where you can easily reach us. Our active online presence is proof our credibility.

We are a licensed waste removal company that is fast, affordable and efficient.

Quick Wasters | Rubbish Clearance – 8 Reviews on Yell

Quick Wasters – Recycling & Scrap Centres – 698-702 High Rd, North

Quick Wasters – Waste Management Company in North Finchley


Walk in shower design guide and benefits

Even though walk in showers are getting more and more popular there are still many who prefer to use the bath tub as shower. There are many pros to having the walk in shower though and we will discuss the benefits.


  • Walk in showers save room

The best pro for are that they save a lot of space compared to bath tubs. Removing a tub and putting a shower in will save much more space as you don’t need to lie down and is definitely a better option if you have a smaller bathroom. Walk in showers also create an illusion that your bathroom is much bigger than it actually is. Especially if the glass on the shower is see through as well.


  • Looks Great

Walk in showers look very therapeutic and elegant to look at. There is an endless amount of designs for the styles, shapes, sizes, fixtures, features. They will definitely impress your guests if you have custom walk in shower for bathroom. Even though they may cost more than tub-shower combination units they will make your bathroom look much more aesthetic to look at.


  • How they are made

Usually they are made from fibre glass and the kits include three walls and a base pan. One piece are the most watertight and are great for new construction but they will not fit through doorways most of the time. Even if your DIY skills are not great you can still put together the multi piece units most of the time. However, if you great DIY skills you might be able to make a walk in shower yourself and can really make your shower design tailor made for you. Whatever you choose there are many types to choose from so there will be the right shower out there for everyone.

Where To Find Contemporary Designer Furniture In UK

Contemporary designer furniture is the new trend and preference in the UK; most home owners and interior designers are falling over themselves, trying to acquire the latest contemporary pieces. Their aesthetic value, durability, and uniqueness are just some of the major reasons why everyone is going for these pieces.

Where to find contemporary design furniture in the UK;

  • Furniture Stores; London is homer to numerous furntuerwe stores, all stocking the latest and best contemporary designer furniture. You can just pop in into one of these stores, and make enquiries. You are likely to get the pieces you are looking for, or be advised on where you’ll get them.
  • Internet; your second option would be to browse and research a bit on the internet. Most of these furniture stores have websites, where you are likely to peruse the different brands of designer furniture on sale.
  • Friends/ Family; if you are so bent on acquiring the latest, the best contemporary designer sofas furniture, chances are that you first saw them at a friend’s place, or with someone close to you. Make enquiries from them. And let them tell you how they were able to acquire their pieces.
  • Import; in this day and age of online buying, you have no reason to import your preferred designer furniture from Italy, or wherever. You can make use of popular online buying sites like Amazon, ebay, to mention but a few. Having your contemporary shipped into the UK is more preferable, than risking with furniture that may be fake, or of low quality.


Your UK home is incomplete if you haven’t invested in the best contemporary designer furniture. These pieces are designed by the best, most skilled experts, and they will give your home an amazing new look.

See for built in wardrobes from fci London.

5 Cities With the Highest Income Levels

How much should one really earn, in order to consider themselves as earning enough? Statisticians look at more than what an individual is earning when determining the average income level. To get a clearer picture, one must pick several respondents and find an average of what it is that they earn.

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Now surprisingly, some of the top cities with the highest income levels are in America, Europe, and other developed countries.  These are often developed nations, with big GDPs and where the economy is generally doing well. Some of the top 5 cities with the highest income levels include;

Washington; Washington DC leads the pack, with research showing that over 70% of households in the city earn up to $ 100,000. This is an incredible average even by American standards where the average annual pay stands at around $ 52,000.

California; California is also a wealthy, affluent state in the US that is synonymous with some of the top IT and technological companies, not to mention the thriving entertainment industry. Here, 73% of residents make an average of % 100,000 annually. California is also home to around 5,000 employees who work for NASA.

London; The Queen’s city has some of the highest income levels in the world. The average salary in London is £48,023. Considering that the value of the British Pound is higher than the American Dollar, this makes London one of the wealthiest and best cities to work in globally.

Sydney; Australia is a wealthy nation by all standards, and this is more evident in Sydney than anywhere else. The property market is booming, and the average income for most households stands at $ 57,600. This is much higher than the $ 46,500 which is the average income in New South Wales and other parts of the country.

Brussels; Brussels is home to the EU and NATO headquarters. The average income for Brussels stands at around €3,258

Here is a video of the wealthiest countries by average monthly salary.